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With over 20 years of experience in oligonucleotide development and production, and over 1000 sequences manufactured, Avecia has played an integral role in the advancing oligo therapeutic market. Our mission is to continue to build value for our customers, as they progress through drug development into commercialization. And as a member of the Nitto Denko Corporation (, Avecia is committed to the future of the oligonucleotide market. We are driven by innovative ideas and flexible solutions, designed to provide our customers with the best in service, quality, and technology.

Our FDA inspected facilities in Milford, MA and Cincinnati, OH are aligned to the needs of the pre-clinical, clinical, and launched product oligonucleotide markets. Our aim is to leverage our wealth of experience, and our understanding of the regulatory needs in each of these segments, to ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Cincinnati, OH location provides distinct advantages to our customers, including security of supply; Avecia is pleased to offer our customers CGMP large scale oligo manufacturing capacity in two separate facilities. Our Cincinnati facility also provides additional pre-clinical oligo manufacturing services.

Our portfolio of services includes process and analytical development, pre-clinical and CGMP oligo manufacture, and quality control testing, including on site ICH stability storage and testing. All of our customers benefit from our experienced supply chain team, as well as a quality team ready to manage the regulatory needs of projects at all phases of development.

Avecia's process development and manufacturing team specializes in a broad variety of oligonucleotide drug substances including:

  • Antisense
  • SiRNA
  • ShRNA
  • MiRNA
  • Structured ONs (G-rich, Aptamers)
  • Short/Long-mer ONs
  • ON conjugates (NP)
  • Immunostimulatory oligonucleotides

Our team is familiar with state-of-the-art oligonucleotide modifications that include:

  • Backbone modified (PS, P-ethyl, phosphonamide, PNA)
  • Base modifications
  • Sugar modifications (OMe, F, LNA, UNA, MOE)
  • Linkers (spacer, multimer, PEG)
  • Post-synthesis conjugates (NHS chemistry, sulfur chemistry)
  • Terminal Phosphates (mono-, di-, and triphosphates)
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