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Custom DNA and RNA Synthesis
From 50 mg to 10’s of grams, OliGrow® provides custom DNA and RNA oligos with quick turn-around, competitive pricing, and phase appropriate Avecia quality. Standard modifications are available, including phosphorothioate linkages, 2’-modifications, conjugated oligonucleotides, cholesterol labeling.

Specialized Synthesis Services 
Take advantage of Avecia’s extensive service portfolio, all of which can be combined with OliGrow® to produce your specialized oligos. Whether you require specialty amidites, or oligo conjugation, OliGrow® can provide the custom work you need. We are also able to incorporate customer supplied proprietary amidites into your oligonucleotide. Contact one of our experts to find out more about how OliGrow® can meet your programs needs by emailing

Purification and Downstream Processing 
Based on Avecia’s extensive experience in oligonucleotide production, we will apply the purification techniques and quality control methods that best fit the need of your sequence. Products will be de-salted and freeze dried, and delivered to our customers as a lyophilized powder. 

Avecia’s OliGrow® program delivers pre-clinical, non-CGMP oligonucleotides using phase appropriate quality methods and purity standards. All OliGrow® sequences are produced in-house, at our FDA-registered Cincinnati facility.  As programs progress into clinical development, our customers can benefit from our proven quality systems, extensive CGMP experience, and our exceptional regulatory track record. 

As the only oligonucleotide CMO that can deliver both the first μmols of material and bring a program through to commercialization, Avecia is pleased to offer its OliGrow® program to the  pre-clinical market.
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