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Please enter your sequence(s) (5’ to 3’), or cut and paste your sequence(s) from Excel or Word here:
  • DNA = A, C, G, T, Cm [for 5-Me-dC]
  • Phosphorothioated DNA = A*, G*, C*, T*, Cm*
  • RNA = rA, rG, rC, rU
  • Phosphorothioated RNA = rA*, rG*, rC*, rU*
  • 2'O-Methyl RNA = mA, mG, mC, mU, mCm [for 2'-OMe, 5-Me C]
  • Phosphorothioated 2'O-Methyl RNA = mA*, mG*, mC*, mU*, mCm*
  • 2'-F-RNA = fA, fG, fC, fU
Standard Testing Included with Each Sequence:
AppearanceVisualWhite to off-white powder
PurityHPLCNLT 85% or NLT 90%; as requested
Identity, MWESI-MS+/- 3 Da for oligos with a calculated MW <12,000 Da
Endotoxin; if purchasedLAL AssayReport Result
Additional Testing Requested: Detailed ESI-MS
Endotoxin *
*Endotoxin testing only available for quantities of oligo above 250 mg
Quantity Requested:
Oligo Purity:
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