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At Avecia we pride ourselves on being flexible, responsive and customer intimate. From your first enquiry to final delivery, we work to meet and exceed your expectations. Our one-on-one customer focus begins with your initial inquiry. We welcome new business opportunities from biotech, pharma, academia, and other research institutions and organizations- if you need an oligonucleotide synthesized, we are happy to speak with you and learn more about your needs.

Here is an outline detailing what to expect when working with Avecia:

The New Enquiry

Already have contact(s) within Avecia? He/she will be delighted to take your inquiry and channel it through to the appropriate person internally. New to Avecia? Please call our central line at (508) 532 2500 or send us an e-mail:

First Contact from Avecia

When we receive your inquiry, you will be contacted by one of our regional Business Development Representatives (BDRs). He/she will become your local point of contact. The BDR will work with you to put in place a simple non-disclosure agreement so we can begin a two way exchange of information. He/she will then obtain from you your high level needs (for example, if you require manufacturing he/she will ascertain your scale, clinical phase and timing requirements)

Early Scope Definition

The BDR will work with you to develop an initial scope of the project, and will present it to the appropriate internal resources at Avecia. This may result in some follow up questions and clarifications, in which case the BDR will work directly with you for resolution, or, depending upon the complexity of the open issues, may suggest a direct exchange between your technical expert and their counterpart in our organization.

The Proposal

Once we have an understanding of your needs, the BDR will issue a proposal for the work you are requesting. The initial proposal is the first opportunity for Avecia to detail the work we would perform to meet your project requirements. The proposal also provides the first opportunity for you to see the price associated with the work you have requested. We will continue to revise the proposal until you are completely satisfied that the project details meet your needs, at which point the project can be initiated by your signature.

Master Services and/or Supply Agreement

At Avecia, we offer our customers the option of implementing a Master Services and/or Supply Agreement.  Avecia does not require that a Service or Supply Agreement be in place before beginning a project; in the event that there is not an executed agreement, the project would be governed by our standard Terms and Conditions, which will be attached to the proposal.

Quality Agreement

As an organization, we do not require Quality Agreements to be put in place before beginning a project. However, it is mandated in some circumstances by regulatory authorities, including all programs undergoing clinical trials within the EU. While not expressly required by the FDA for US clinical programs, we do believe it is good practice to operate under the guidance of a Quality Agreement as early as possible, and recommend doing so from Phase I forward. We do have template agreements which we would be happy to provide as a starting point for a discussion.

Post Event Review

Continuous improvement is a core value at Avecia; one element of our continuous improvement program is the post event review. We conduct post-event reviews at the conclusion of all projects, and often following significant project milestones. The lessons learned from these reviews help us improve as an organization, and continue to serve you better in the future.

Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is a priority at Avecia and another key element of our continuous improvement program. At the conclusion of every project, a survey is sent to all relevant parties at the customer’s organization, providing the opportunity to evaluate our services. We welcome all feedback, and use the information we receive to improve our future services and customer interactions.

Scope Changes

At Avecia, having a flexible approach includes knowing that things can change. If a scope change is required, it will be summarized in a Change Request Form. This will detail the change, the reason for the change, and the price implications. The change will only be enacted once both parties have approved and signed the Change Request Form.

Project Management

All customer projects are assigned a Project Manager (PM). Our PM’s represent over 50 years of experience at Avecia, and understand the needs of projects ranging from pre-clinical makes to commercial manufactures. Your PM will be your primary point of contact through the project execution. He/she will have internal ownership for your project and will oversee delivery of all aspects of your project. At Avecia, we understand there can be great benefit in letting the project experts communicate directly; while the project manager is the key point of contact, he/she is happy to facilitate and promote any desired interactions between our internal team members, and your team and/or consultants.

After the Project

We don’t just want to talk to you when you have an active project. Our business model is based on long-term customer-intimate relationships. Between projects, your local Avecia Business Development Representative will maintain regular contact with you, so we can continue to understand your evolving needs and concerns. We are available for consultation and discussion at all stages of your oligonucleotide progress and development, and welcome your inquiries.
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